Good oral hygiene is vital to keep a healthy mouth throughout the year, but we know the holiday season is a time for lots of foods, candies, desserts, beverages and many more; so it needs a little more caring than other months. For that we made this 12 Days of Christmas Dental Tips for you to enjoy the season and still be healthy.
On the first day of Christmas my dentist gave to me…

Day 1:

Instead of giving your kids an advent calendar filled with candy, choose one with little toys in it. Avoid unnecessary cavity trouble and spend that time playing with them!

Day 2:

Try humming from start to finish your favorite carol while brushing your teeth. That way you are more likely to do the required 3-4 minutes of brushing. Your teeth will thank you and you’ll start your day happy.

Day 3:

Please stop cutting tape with your teeth. You must be out of time wrapping gifts but try to find the scissors before sitting down. It may seem harmless but it can cause your teeth to break or chip.

Day 4:

Try to drink a cup of water in between foods. This will help you rinse food particles and even bacteria from your mouth and avoid possible tooth decay.

Day 5:

Enjoy the turkey! Did you know eating turkey can be good for your teeth? It is! Turns out it’s high in protein that combined with calcium and vitamin D helps your teeth and bones to be strong.

Day 6:

No cigars. Every family has that one person who brings his cigars from that trip to Cuba, so try to ignore him this time. Smoking can cause gum disease and make tartar more aggressive to your teeth.

Day 7:

Careful with the wine. You can give the toast with your glass of red wine, but try to keep the number down. It is one of the most common reasons for stained teeth. It’s pigmentation is so strong it can stick to your teeth when drunk often, and the only way to restore its natural color will be through teeth whitening.

Day 8:

Avoid caramel, toffee and other sticky candy. That’s right, unless you’re planning on brushing after every single one of them, it’s better to avoid them all together in order to keep your molars cavity-free.

Day 9:

Introduce mouthwash to your oral routine. Since December it’s the time to eat a lot of delicious foods, be more meticulous with your cleaning steps. A mouthwash is gonna help you reduce the amount of acid, keep clean around the gums and remineralize the teeth.

Day 10:

Don’t forget the tongue! Talking about cleaning routine, you should know that plaque can also build up in it. So everytime you brush your teeth, take the necessary time to go over your tongue gently.

Day 11:

Make sure your toothpaste has fluoride in it. It is proven to help prevent cavities thanks to its natural components. But even when it is a common ingredient some dental products do not contain it at all. So just double check before buying your next paste.

Day 12:

Go to your dental appointments. Only a dentist will be able to help you detect and treat dental conditions you may have. Going to a regular check-up and cleaning will help you maintain good oral health. So if you feel any discomfort before or after Christmas you can schedule an online consultation with a specialist.

And those are our dental tips for the holidays! Try to follow as many as you can and we’re sure you’ll be fine this Christmas. The important part of all of this is to enjoy the time while still applying healthy habits for you. Oral health is important for everyone at any age, and it’s better to prevent as many issues as you can.

At The Dental District we wish you a merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Stay healthy.