Since 2018 Tijuana welcomes an estimate of 1.2 million patients coming for their doctor’s appointments. They trust and benefit from the region’s great medical offer both for its affordable prices and the variety of packages that include lodging and transportation.

Dental care represents a large percentage of the city’s medical tourism, being one of the top 3 most solicited medical services (just behind bariatric and plastic surgery). This means that the city has a wide variety of different dental clinics to choose from, each with different specialties. Given this scenario, it’s essential to know how to pick the right dental clinic for you. Here are our tips on doing so!


How To Find a Good Dentist In Tijuana

  • Do research. You can either call the clinic or check their website and social media platforms to know more about their work, location, technology, and results.
  • Find a dentist with a convenient location. When going to another country, you may want to keep close to the border so that you can get to your appointment and leave to return home easily.
  • Check their prices. Compared to US prices, you’ll find more affordable options for the same treatments, but make sure to research about the quality and reputation of each clinic. You can get evaluated and receive a preliminary quote for free in most dental clinics in Tijuana.

Finding the right dentist for you and doing research will be the only “hard” part of the process. Once you come to your first appointment, you’ll see the fantastic reasons why thousands of Americans decide to go south of the border for dental care. Let’s talk about the benefits:

  • High Quality Services

Dentists in Tijuana work with the same hygiene and security protocols as in the United States (actually, most of the dental supplies they use come from American brands), giving the same or better results as in any other US clinic at much lower prices.


How to know if the dental treatments offered by a clinic are of high quality? Take a look at the technology they use, their dentists’ experience, materials, and the follow up they do on their patients, from the first contact to the post-treatment care.

High Quality Services

  • Certified Doctors and Specialists

Dentistry is one of the most solicited careers in Mexico due to its excellent academic programs.  Also, many scholarships allow students to go abroad and learn a specialty in other countries. Most of the dentists in Tijuana are certified by both Mexican and American boards.

Certified Doctors and Specialists

  • Lower Prices (Up To 80% Less, Compared To The US)

Medical tourism in Tijuana continues to grow, in large portion due to the increasing limitations of medical insurance in the United States; many of these have stopped providing or including certain services that would otherwise have high costs. Meanwhile, the prices in Tijuana are affordable for many Americans.

Lower Prices (Up To 80% Less, Compared To The US)

Restorative Treatments include: Dental implants, All-on-4 Dental Implants. Cosmetic Treatments include: Dental Veneers, Teeth Whitening.

  • State-Of-The-Art Clinics, Equipped With The Latest Technology

Advanced dental technology in Tijuana meets the most demanding international standards, providing a worry-free, painless, and effective experience for its visitors. This allows patients to find everything they’ll need in just one place, making it easier for dentists to offer a wide variety of dental services. Artificial intelligence and digital technology are used in various treatments, such as veneers, dental implants, all-on-4, and crowns.

State-Of-The-Art Clinics, Equipped With The Latest Technology

  • Medical Teams That Offer Exceptional, Warm, and Friendly Care.

Mexico is known for its hospitality to people worldwide, offering a welcoming experience that will make you feel part of a family. Most of Tijuana’s dental clinics’ medical staff will answer all of your questions, ensuring that you’ll have a well-informed visit and a proper and comprehensive follow-up.

Medical Teams That Offer Exceptional, Warm, and Friendly Care.

Popular Dental Services in Mexico

You can find any dental treatment in Tijuana, from easy one-visit procedures to more complex surgical level ones:

Dentists in Mexico can sometimes ask you to stay longer or make a couple more trips to complete your dental work. This could happen if you are coming for treatments such as full mouth rehabilitation, veneers, or implants. If you want to stay in Tijuana and enjoy the city for a few days before or after your procedure, there are plenty of lodging options to choose from, like Quartz Hotel & Spa, which is located right next to NewCity Medical Plaza (where The Dental District is located!).

Popular Dental Services in Mexico

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The Dental District As Your Best Option

The Dental District has gathered a team of specialists ready to treat your dental needs. Our doctors have been recognized by international patients for their exceptional work in All-On-4 Dental Implants, Veneers, and Crowns, always giving comprehensive care and guidance through each step of any treatment.


We are located in the most important medical tower in Latin America, NewCity Medical Plaza. This luxury complex houses clinics, a hotel, restaurants, pharmacies, and operating rooms (among other amenities), allowing patients to find everything they need in one place. The best part? Our location: Just 5 minutes away from the border between Mexico and the United States through San Ysidro, and 10 minutes from the international airport.

Not only will you be happy by saving thousands of dollars, but you’ll also be enjoying a pleasant, safe, and relaxing experience while getting a beautiful, brighter, and functional new smile!

Know more about our team, clinic, and services by giving us a call: (858) 832 – 4027 or schedule a FREE online consultation with one of our doctors today.