Dental Implants In Tijuana
70% Less Compared To US Prices

Don’t miss the opportunity to restore your smile today!

Our Dental implants are known for:

  • Our experienced oral rehabilitation specialists use Straumann only, the world-leading, premium swiss quality implant brand.
  • Great results, regardless of your bone quality.
  • Designed for effective results you can trust.

Our dental implants result in strong, functional, and beautiful-looking teeth!  

    Dental Crowns And Bridges
    79% Less Compared To US Prices

    Gaps between teeth or missing dental pieces? Not anymore!

    Crowns And Bridges can help to:

    • Replace missing teeth.
    • Improves the appearance of your teeth. 
    • Replace large fillings.

    Let weak, cracked, spaced out, and chipped teeth be a thing of the past!

      Root Canal
      73% Less Compared To US Prices

      Keep your teeth healthy from the root!

      A Root Canal brings multiple benefits, helping to:

      • Prevent the need for a dental extraction.
      • Stop the spread of infection to neighboring teeth.
      • Chew and bite comfortably, without sensitivity.

      Say goodbye to persistent pain and swollen gums!

        Dental Resin Fillings
        80% Less Compared To US Prices

        Problems due to chewing, grinding, clenching, or a minor dental accident?
        Stop your teeth from deteriorating today!

        Dental Fillings are a great, affordable treatment to:

        • Fix and repair broken or chipped teeth.
        • Eliminate sensitivity to hot, cold, and sugary foods.
        • Protects your teeth from decay.

        Restore damaged teeth back to their normal function and shape.